Saturday, September 10, 2011


Swedish DSBM/black metal warriors LIFELOVER have released this statement on the 9/9/2011 passing of mainman "B" (Nattdal AKA-JONAS BERGQVIST). On 14 February 2011, Lifelover released their fourth album entiled "Sjukdom". Nattdal has been an active musician since 2002, and been part of the creation of Dimhymn, Lifelover, IXXI and Woundism.

FROM LIFELOVER: We are very sad to report that yesterday our bandmate and brother B has passed away.

The concerts today and tomorrow are still to be performed, but in a different form in his honor.
This information is valid and in its extreme sadness true.

A final statement with further details is to come.

Kim, Henrik (H.), Felix (Fix), Kral

As most of you know by now, Friday saw the sudden and devastating passing of our beloved brother Nattdal. I've decided to retrieve the music he completed and have the Amygdala EP released as a posthumous tribute, which is what he would've wanted. But as I'm sure you'll understand this is a matter for the future, as I now need time to adjust to life without my greatest friend and mentor. Vobiscum Satanas, Frater.
Thank you sincerely for your support and kind words. They provide specks of light in this time of pitch black darkness. He would've been touched, I can assure you. He cared so much about all you guys and to have seen these waves of appreciation for him and the music for which he lived and breathed is the greatest gift he could have gotten. And frankly I need it too, I can't go through this alone and being able to share the grief is invaluable. So again, thank you all.
And naturally, Woundism will be laid to rest after the release of the EP. Continuing without him is out of the question. //S //Stigmata
"The message of Jonas's passing came as a surprise to the Prophecy team. Hence we lack the appropriate words for this tragic event.

"To us, Jonas wasn't just a very creative artist, but also a pleasant and enthusiastic person. It is for certain that we won't be the only ones missing his character, his passion, and his unique musical language.

"In the face of this tragic loss, we would very much like to extend our heartfelt condolence towards Jonas's family, his friends, and the remaining musicians of LIFELOVER."

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-RIP "B"-\m/ -l-