Monday, September 19, 2011


EDITORS NOTE: BTW, if you haven't noticed, ITP V.011 added FEEDJIT for live traffic feed AND a FAVICON.

ITP V.011 is running a little late on scheduled reviews, I'm still working on the review for ORIGIN-"Entity" so the review schedule has pushed back indefinitely as the ORIGIN review will be up by Monday.

ONE ISSUE: If you listen to crap like EMINEM, RAP (RETARDS ATTEMPTING POETRY),or/and if you're drug addict or thief or over all scumbag then go hang your self and don't read this journal, as of course it will stay active and no I don't want an add from you on social networking sites.

FROM IMPROV EVERYWHERE: I don't think New Yorkers need to be trained to be "nice", there are lot of good people (strangers) that have helped me in NYC without me asking. However, they should bring this experiment to the HUDSON VALLEY AREA. Be nice.

If I don't get around to these reviews this week, maybe next weekend.
9/20/2011-VADER-"Welcome To The Morbid Reich"

9/21/2011-GRIMLAIR-"Self Inflicted State"

ITP V.011 METAL NEWS FEATURES tentative schedule: DAMNED IN BLACK (BLACK METAL NEWS) coming up on WEDENSDAY, NOTES FROM THE EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND will be posted on THURSDAY and HUMANITY IS DOOMED next MONDAY. ITP V.011 THE ART OF DANCE later this month. All of this is tentative

Through everything I've been through, I've been very dedicated to writing and keeping ITP updated even if it meant using public access 'puters through some dark times in my life.
I can NOT express the dedication of ITP's READERS and thank them enough as ITP's readers are international from my homeland in the USA to Norway, to Australia, to South America, Germany, UK everywhere. ITP's author/editor thanks YOU the READERS, a mighty SALLLUTe and HAILS to you all for being dedicated readers. I would honestly be writing ITP even if no one read it, as an expression, but I must give the metal horns to ITP's readers as YOU INSPIRE ME.

ITP REVIEWS will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (time, mood and stability permitting).

It's time to get to WORK on ITP V.011, long hours as it will be.
Yes, I said I would do this late last year, and it is officially DONE. ITP's author JUST started an account for this blog on TWITTER. Again, I just started the ITP V.011 TWITTER account in JUNE, so it will take me a while to build a following and to follow others. Keep in mind I'm a NUBIE to TWITTER as I will have an secondary private TWITTER account for myself. I'm digging TWITTER already.
Do NOT add ITP V.011 if you're a phisher or SPAM BOT, because we hate that crap.

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