Saturday, September 24, 2011


Brooklyn, New York "experimetal" warriors KAYO DOT have announced plans to record a new CD at the bands scheduled 10/5/2011 NYC (Brooklyn, NY) show.

II. NEW Kayo Dot material!!! We have a very special concert lined up on October 5, 2011 at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY. At this concert, we're going to play a full set of all-new material and record the whole thing. Afterward, we're going to take these recordings home and do a million overdubs. This will be our next album. We hope that as many of you as possible can come to this show, especially because there will be some audience participation, which will be crucial to the sound of the record! That's at Littlefield, Brooklyn NY, October 5, 2011, 7PM, openers TBA.

III. Kayo Dot touring! Yes, we do have more tour plans, and yes, the United States is included this time! Firstly, we're planning a short Western European thing in early December. Secondly, we're planning a U.S. thing (Southeast to West coast!) for May 2012. Anyone interested in helping us with a show, please contact me at this address. Additionally, we need to get a new van for this tour, so if anyone out there has any leads, also please contact me here or at my regular email address,

V. Speaking of Antithetic Records, they are doing a box set of vinyl phonograph record reissues of the classic MAUDLIN OF THE WELL albums, Bath and Leaving Your Body Map! The box set will also feature a 7" of "The Secret Song" as well as some other goodies, and is slated for a winter release this year. Antithetic Records needs only a little over 100 preorders in order to go into production, so please check out some more information about this at their blog.

VI. Speaking of Bath and Leaving Your Body Map, I am finally able to put these albums up on iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, etc. I'm doing it today, and the official digital release date will be this coming Monday, August 8, 2011!

VII. The Tartar Lamb II kickstarter-funded album, Polyimage of Known Exits, is finally here. We're sorry that it took sooo long to produce these vinyl phonograph records. Seriously, an almost five-month turnaround time. Anyway, they have arrived, and we'll be packing and shipping them in the next couple weeks! Check out this purty photo!

VII. Myspace - it sucks! Please DON'T use our myspace page as the definitive source for info about us. Instead, please use our official site,
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-