Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Norwegian pioneering ambient/black metal project BURZUM is set to unleash a new offering "The Ways of Yore", due to be unleashed 6/2/2014 via BYELOBOG PRODUCTIONS .

More info TBA. 

BURZUM unleashed "Sôl austan, Mâni vesta" (East of the Sun, West of the Moon)  5/27/2013 via BYELOBOG PRODUCTIONS .

VARG VIKERNES main man of one man black metal project, BURZUM is set to stand trial in FRANCE for a charge of "Breach of Racism Law".VIKERNES was arrested and incarcerated on TERRORISM charges, later dropped for a lesser charge of  "Breach Of Racism". VARG VIKERNES has been released by the FRENCH DCRI and with his wife MARIE CACHET and charged with "Breach of Racism Law" for making hateful comments of about JEWS and MUSLIMS on the net.. VIKERNES was originally arrested at his CORREZE, FRANCE farm for PLANNING TERRORISM as his French national wife was found with four rifles, legally bought with a permit as his political ties are currently being investigated.

VIKERNES has elicited crowdfunding for a lawsuit against the FRENCH DCRI  vowing his innocence.  

VARG VIKERNES was released from prison in 2009 (Vikernes served over 16 years for church burnings and the murder of MAYHEM founder Euronymous) and has since unleashed one release per year on his own independent label BYELOBOG PRODUCTIONS.

New Burzum album called "The Ways of Yore" will be out on Byelobog Productions 02.06.2014. A film by M. Cachet and V. Vikernes "ForeBears" available in Downloads (full movie in HD). Order a DVD copy here

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