Wednesday, May 28, 2014


ITP V.014 UPDATE: Due to MAINTENANCE ISSUES AT HOME, building inspector coming at whatever, unspecified time tomorrow, I'll be busy for a day, or what fucking ever.
So our landlord left us a "post it", and a very vague reference at the last minute, on less that 24 hours notice:
"Please make sure your apartment is ready for inspection for building department to look for bed bugs tomorrow".
Vague reference? Which is it, exterminator or building inspector? My landlord can barely WRITE, the note is barely legible and the note doesn't state the TIME of the inspection as he had to know in advance and we're barely told at the last minute.
The mudslinging and the blame game over property that is NOT owned by my landlord, instead of maintaining the property he owns, he gets into it over property he DOESN'T own ( tenant's personal property, intellectual property, getting himself into hot water over what is not his,  including this journal and my creative commons, copy right and other bands copy right, as it is NOT his property ain't going to save him from his wingnut theory ) has been really dysfunctional, and I'm pissed.
When the landlord resents doing the most minimal of maintenance, he plays the blame game of LYING and lame excuses and starts mudslinging, threatening to steal from his own tenets, that ain't happening.
Here's to hoping the landlord gets fined, as for sure he's to cheap to get an exterminator once a year as he hasn't done that since fall of 2012, the only motivation is this?

UPDATE: After talking to the landlord, it's the building inspector that is coming tomorrow, not much time to make adjustments, (his fault, for mudslinging and lack of communication with only a less than 24 hour note to the tenets) although I'll be talking to the landlord tomorrow morning, and shit needs to get DONE. Of course, the landlord played the (predictable in his wingnut dysfunction) blame game, I wasn't having it, nor listening, shit needs to get done, and he admitted to being "cheap" with maintenance issues and blaming tenets for his own negligence while being abusive in his denial, all this while morbidly obese and not modifying one aspect of his life or mentality. WRONG.

Just fine him.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-