Saturday, May 31, 2014


ITP V.014 UPDATE: Cut the fucking drama, with the racism and racial profiling. Really, because I'm non white, female and not hetero and listen to extreme metal, there has to be racist asshole State Trooper fucking with me. I'm NOT a criminal because I get the munchies after midnight and run and buy coffee and cigarettes or take a walk and smoke outside, read my snail mail and clear my brain of any clutter.

Something about Kingston, NY sucks, drunkards that want to follow me, DON'T, I'm just a pedestrian, I'm not in a bar, and go fuck your self. Such a huge racial gap in a town more culturally diverse than New Paltz, NY, FUCK THAT.  Kingston, NY had the a KKK rally in 2005, literally.
What the fuck are people messing with me for, and I don't do drugs, rarely drink, hate drunks, and FUCK OFF.
I'm all good, as I explained to a State Trooper,  I don't like being messed with by drunkards and politely blow them off nor racially profiled, I'm guilty of being black, wearing hoodie, and being unblack via being a metal head.

There's a Trayvon Martin everywhere in America, and women get accosted by strange men walking out of bars, even if the woman isn't a bar patron every hour in America.
Fucking 'Merica.

No I don't care if my landlord is in the hospital, (I don't want to know, and it's so much more peaceful without him, no he lied, the building inspector didn't come, he should be careful for what he wishes for ) best thing for him, he should check his head while he's there. No one CARES if my landlord is an obese diabetic, and self destructive, narcissistic, sociopath, not a fuck was given, I'm not his friend. No one gave a fuck two years ago when one of my family members had Lymphoma, and type 2 diabetes is lifestyle choice.  I was once diagnosed with hypoglycemia, perhaps MIS-DIAGNOSED (more likely Meniere's disease) and that hasn't stopped me from accomplishing my dreams and ambitions. Diabetes is no excuse for bad decision making, lying  and lack of maintenance and abuse of others.
Not my fucking problem and not my job.

Don't take out your misfortunes, incompetence and addictions on people you don't know, and if you're to sick to work, take your disability and move on. Get out our way.  

I'm all good, but whom ever calls pigs on black people with hoodies, because we're black, you know, and every negative stereotype gets thrown at us, FUCK OFF, stop dumping your shit on us in your denial.
It's just you drunks that suck, fuck whitey.

Just because I enjoy writing doesn't mean I write 24/7, I have to eat, sleep, shower,  I need time OFFLINE too, to cut my self off from information over load, FUCK SNAPPER MAGEES (Kingston NY) harassment of random pedestrians, and ANDY KOVAC is alcoholic whom, owes the landlord MONEY.


However, I'm VERY excited about the NY RANGERS going to the Stanley Cup, the Chicago Blackhawks have forced a seventh game for Western Conference Finals Vs. The LA Kings, all good.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-