Monday, May 19, 2014


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA based black metal warriors SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY have announced the band is disbanding an retiring from live shows.

SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY unleashed a new offering "Tied to a Dying Animal" 1/13/2014  now on BANDCAMP.

It is with somewhat of a heavy heart that I type this message. Shroud of Despondency will no longer be a live entity. Both the shows with Diocletian and Inter Arma have been cancelled. The recording process for "Tied to a Dying Animal" left everyone understanding that this would be our last time working together and now we have all reached that time in our personal relationships. Shroud of Despondency will not cease to be a band but there will definitely not be any more albums for quite some time and when there is a new album it will be simply from me, as it was intended. No outside influence will be permitted. I've beat my head against the wall for many years trying to gain recognition as a songwriter and I think I'm just throwing the towel in for the time being. I'm burned out and wanting to create new avenues to express new feelings and ideas that have entered my mind the last few years as a result of my job and my ever progressing positive relationships with those truly close to me. I admit of certain areas in my relationships with musicians that need working on, but can not work in the same stagnant environment anymore. Where human beings don't grow, art doesn't grow and the simple truth is very rarely have I been looked on as a friend in this group. Meanwhile my relationships everywhere else, professional and romantic, have grown and reached new levels of understanding. As an adult I find it a completely self defeating idea to stay working in such an environment. The idea of working with other people in the future to create metal is a promising idea, and I already have some pretty badass stuff in the works, but Shroud of Despondency simply can not exist anymore as it has been existing. I thank everyone who came to shows and bought albums and stuff. Where it has felt sincere, and not just a biproduct of the laurels of a certain members ever constant friendship with the Milwaukee scene, it has meant a lot. Your objectivity for the future would be appreciated but that is a lot to ask, I understand.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-