Thursday, May 15, 2014


PER NILSSON and Swedish extreme metal warriors SCAR SYMMETRY have weighed and commented yet again on the issue Guitar manufacturer VIC GUITARS,  whom had come under fire this week for VIC KULETSKI's homophobic comments posted on FACEBOOK. VIC KULETSKI (CEO OF VIC GUITARS)  made a vague (construed as a homophobic reference to two members of CYNIC, Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert, whom last week in a LA TIMES article came out as gay and often used headless guitars.)  homophobic comment stating “Well now I know for sure... that something that has always been turning me off headless guitars." FACEBOOK POSTER: “Do I get a discount if I'm heterosexual?,”  KULETSKI: “No, but you'd get charged twice the price if you were not.”

SCAR SYMMETRY unleashed "The Unseen Empire" 4/15/2011 NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS.

We are not a political band - and we do not usually comment on the going-ons in the world. BUT: individually as well as collectively as a band, we embrace the idea of everyone's equal rights, and we can not take kindly to things like racism, misogony and in this case homophobia. The freedom of speech (and thought!) is also incredibly important, but if what you are saying is bordering on violating other people's basic human rights, you'll have to face the consequences, right?
Being subject to other people's prejudice and hate has got to be one of the un-coolest things in the world. How many of you have been oppressed, bullied, harassed, teased or discriminated because of who you are, for having the 'wrong' color of your skin, for wearing the 'wrong' clothes, for listening to the 'wrong' music, for being of the 'wrong' sex, for living in the 'wrong' part of town, for being too unique and unlike everyone else, for LOVING SOMEONE in a way that narrow-minded people don't approve of?

Vik Kuletski of ViK Guitars have had to endure a shitstorm of internet hate since he made his homophobic comments, likely to hurt his business to some extent. Whether or not these consequences are fair - some people are lashing out pretty harshly at him - it's up to him at any point to come around and make amends - if done sincerely, I'm sure he could save a lot of face and regain at least some people's trust. Not that is seems likely that that's gonna happen - the guy seems bent on keeping his position and holding on to his archaic views...

Thank you everyone for your encouraging and supporting comments! One of the coolest things you could do is to stand up against intolerance - and as members of the metal community, we too have seen how uncool it can be to be an outsider - though arguably, things are better than they ever were.
Much love / Per Nilsson

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-