Friday, January 1, 2016


I might post my best of 2015, I might not, we'll see sometime this month.
2015 was the year of the unexpected as the underground of extreme metal simmers, as (I'm stating the obvious) the mainstream heavy scene has had it's day as metalcore will end as the horrid trend that it is.

The underground black metal scene continues to make waves in true form as MARDUK, DEIPHAGO, HORNA and so many other bands unleashed quality releases. Also, solo and duo black metal projects have broken new ground.  AKHLYS "THE DREAMING I" was one of my fave releases of 2015.
Hipster/posers might think that DEAFHEAVEN are the new "thing" as they are neither blackened nor really metal, just indie rock with some mediocre rasps, it been done before and better. The DSBM scene are at least genuine and crusty as HELL as a mirror to the dysfunctional.

2015 featured some AWESOME funeral doom/death/doom releases as veteran bands AHAB, SKEPTICISM and TYRANNY unleashed quality hymns of darkness and despair. The death/doom and funeral doom scene continues it's unlikely reign with quality and groundbreaking releases from projects signed and unsigned.

There are quality death metal bands out there as IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM unleashed an epic offering and veterans NILE and GOROD continue to lay waste.

It is comfortable to know the veteran bands are still here (SLAYER, FEAR FACTORY) and while they unleashed what many would call "better than their last but not their best releases". However, IRON MAIDEN and MOTORHEAD unleashed quality heaviness.

In the realm of ITP V.015 SOCIAL JUSTICE, the U.S., via SUPREME COURT enjoyed a brilliant moment of social change as gay marriages were legalized as the law of the land in the U.S and abroad, equality and love wins.

Unfortunately, humanity took horrid steps back wards with unprecedented violence, corruption and drug epidemics. As again, the wingnut factor here in the U.S. is overwhelming and upsetting.
No one (in the U.S.A.) speaks of these mass killings in the context of mental illness.
Said no one ever?

ITP V.015 SPORTS: The U.S WOMENS SOCCER TEAM won the WORLD CUP as NYC, NEW YORK hosted a ticker tape parade for them. \m/ \m/
If one were to have said in MAY of 2015 the NEW YORK METS would be NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPS you would have laughed..The NEW YORK METS got the last laugh and ARE the NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPS. However, the NY METS fell just a little short in the WORLD SERIES as 2015 was the KANSAS CITY ROYALS year.

The only interest I had in 2014/2015 NFL playoffs was the controversial officiating. It's sad the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS lost the super bowl on a turnover. As for TOM BRADY (NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS), he has proven to be one of, if not the most talented quarterback ever. BRADY will always be perceived as villain although "DEFLATE GATE" turned out nothing but hot air.

The second half of the 2015 fourth quarter (fall) featured the worst of tragedies. Bucharest, Romania experienced a nightclub fire (10/31/2015) at a metal core show, perhaps the worst in its nations history. Just two weeks later, Paris France experienced its second terrorist attack that year at an EAGLES OF DEATH METAL show (11/13/2015). The two tragedies were perhaps the worst in rock and roll history and adversely effected touring commitments as the world struggled for answers.

As that wasn't enough tragedy to bring the toughest to tears...

2015 ended with two notable rock and roll veterans checking out: SCOTT WEILAND of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS (drug overdose) and LEMMY KILMISTER of MOTORHEAD (cancer),  the metal and rock scene spiraled in grief as we thought that LEMMY had no expiration date.

ROCK AND ROLL heaven just got a little louder. LEMMY KILMISTER needed a clean female vocalist as NATALIE KING COLE joins LEMMY, WEILAND and her dad up in heaven.

The high point of 2015 was again, the MUSIC, the best of extreme metal would be where you would expect it, firmly planted in the underground, in obscurity.

Support real extreme metal, and F OFF to the trendy hipsters, wingnuts and haters.

BTW, the "bot" lost 12/2014 and 1/2015, I stood up for myself, in brilliant and glorious defiance.
ITP V.015 laid waste with over 2, 000 posts two consecutive years in a row, and ITP's 5th consecutive year of 1, 000 or more posts breaking a personal record/milestone in 2015.

"You can't stop rock and roll"-TWISTED SISTER

All the best in 2016..

 "Remember to laugh often this year"-OZZY OSBOURNE

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-