Monday, April 4, 2016


BTW, ITP does NOT promote events exclusively (not without reciprocity, and not at all), as with a hipster bunch of douchenozzles at a local venue let's pronounce it  PEE PEE PEE, I don't support, nor promote there events, nor assume any legal liability nor responsibility for their events, and the music SUUUUUUUUUCKS.
If someone is so psychotic and mentally ill to get into a power struggle over ITP, what are they hiding? We're investigating.

ITP is my blog and mine alone, I have sent out multiple DMCA's copy right infringements and will send more and have many arrested to idiot neighbors yelling and screaming and getting into power struggles over this blog. FUCK OFF!!!!

A couple of issues I would like to address: 
ITP DOES NOT like PSYCHOTIC people following ITP, you're under arrest, I will sue you.
ITP does not promote local and regional artists/bands and music venues whom have screwed me over, don't reciprocate or bands, labels, venues I don't like.
It is NOT ITP's responsibility for promoting your venue, club or crap band or show, DIY and promote your self, and accept responsibility including NYSLA fines.. If I don't promote you, you SUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK, the music sucks, the bands suck/or/and you did not reciprocate.
ITP does not promote cover bands, GTFO..Venues that book cover bands must register with ASCAP and BMI and PAY the original artists, fuckin thieves. ITP only promotes original music with the acceptation (on occasion) of the ITP metal feature UNCOVERED.

ITP only promotes what SHE likes, go play in your own sandbox.
I don't promote local or regional bands or/and venues just because they are local, nor do I ignore bands and venues from out of state and out of the U.S. .
I don't owe "locals" a favor and in my experience they were very selfish and fucked over alot of people, and got no where, and are NOT even really extreme metal.

ITP does not promote main stream music nor mall core..Only extreme metal..
There are a couple of labels that are blacklisted, one that is national socialist.
A few bands are blacklisted from ITP, and one or two venues.
Obviously is someone gets in fight over ITP there will be consequences, NOT YOURS, ITP owns her own copy right.
ITP is not a request journal, it is an extreme metal source for extreme metal news, no hipstersm ITP is my journal. 
ITP, while a media partner for most labels,  does not write for nor work for record labels and is independent of record labels. ITP is not owned by a record label, please die or S**CK my dick and pay me.
Wanna fight, let's go.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-