Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BEHEMOTH: completes "Phoenix Rising" tour in Poland; Nergal discusses future touring plans!

Polish blackened/death metal warriors BEHEMOTH have issued this post mini tour update as vocalist/guitarist Adam "Nergal" Darski updates on the bands future plans.

Behemoth has wrapped up their first string of shows following Nergal's recovery leukemia, which he was diagnose with last year. The band had been looking forward to rehearsing and playing live again for some time, and the forced break sees a re-invigorated and hungry Behemoth, which makes them even more dangerous than before.

Nergal comments: "The word became flesh. We are back and we're back for good. Seven shows across Poland was a much needed morale boost for our camp. We have proven to ourselves that we can come back in an even more splendorous way than ever before! All the concerts turned out better than expected, most of venues were sold out and, despite my throat infection, we managed to pulled off the last three shows in Warsaw, Torun and Lodz. I'm back home and I'm recovering now…and I'm happy. Simple as that."

"Behemoth would love to hail all the fans that made this tour so great! Our friends: Mystic Production, Witching Hour Prod., Przemek, Kapral, Piotr, Adam, Mr. Groszek, Lubawa, Bartek Was, Piro…your dedication and professionalism can't be underrated! I'd like to thank Blindead and Morowe for keeping the variety and quality on the bill. Great people, great bands!"

"Also, we'd like to show our utmost respect to the rectors of Universities (who own few of the venues we played) who decided to let the shows happen under the strong pressure from religious groups that were trying to ban and cancel the tour. We always love to see when intelligence wins over superstition and stagnation. Hail Freedom!"

"Now we are taking some time off before striking back on the stages of Poland (Krakow, Rzeszow and Szczecin) in January and Europe (co-headlining tour with Cannibal Corpse) early next year! Soon we're gonna reveal super exciting news about Spring American tour! We are taking the world by storm again! Just watch!"

Fans can check out the gallery of pictures from the tour at this link:
A review of the Warsaw show is available on

In other news, back in print and newly repackaged, Demonica, chronicles the earliest recordings of Polish blackened death metal legends BEHEMOTH! Demonica will include two booklets; a 28 page booklet and a 16 page booklet with rare photos and lyrics that were not included with the original release. Painstakingly compiled by the band, and in particular, front-man and founding member, Nergal.

Fans can hear Summoning of the Ancient Gods, order Demonica and see the latest video, Lucifer, at

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