Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ZOMBIEFICATION: Mexican Death Metallers To Unleash New EP; Artwork & Track Listing Revealed

MEXICAN death metal warriors ZOMBIEFICATION are set to unleash the bands new offering (EP) entitled Reaper’s Consecration via Pulverised Records soon.

FROM EARSPLIT PR: Mexican corpse-walkers ZOMBIEFICATION are set to unleash their new EP Reaper’s Consecration via Pulverised Records in conjunction with Chaos Records later this year. Having risen from the grave in 2009 following the release of their debut, Midnight Stench, ZOMBIEFICATION wasted no time in concocting a venomous brew that makes up Reaper’s Consecration. Offering up their signature brand of noxious death metal, neatly packaged into five furious songs, The Stench is more putrid than ever before! Reaper’s Consecration was mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studios (Watain, Interment, Demonical et al) in Sweden.

To hear “Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow,” go to THIS LOCATION.
ZOMBIEFICATION - Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow by Pulverised Records
After 3 decades of sickness, the 2 piece maggot eating death machine known as Zombiefication, is ready to crawl out of the grave with disgust. Soon they will take over the graveyard and unite the dead for the unholy ceremony. Few have been the encounters so far, but the new age of putrid Death Metal will stench the world. Welcome to the gates, to the gates of the Underworld.

Reaper’s Consecration Track Listing:
1. Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow
2. Deathrides
3. Necrohell
4. I Am The Reaper
5. We Stand Alone

Mr. Hitchcock – Vocals
Mr. Jacko – Bass / Guitars

Live musicians:
Mr. Kim – Guitars
Mr. Brain – Guitars
Mr. Hammer – Drums

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-