Thursday, October 27, 2011


EDITORS NOTE: ITP V.011 does NOT endorse political candidates.Mc Cain, Cain, anything with the suffix of CAIN or KOCH SUUUCKS. As obvious with this douchenozzle Herman Cain, I wouldn't vote for him for all the free pizza or cigarettes the world would have to offer. Herman Cain's first campaign ad from August has also leaked, and it's very bizarre, and I wouldn't vote for him either way, Cain is pro life, anti marriage equality and wants a constitutional ban on gay marriages.. These Republicans are scaring me into voting for Obama.. Hopefully Herman Cain won't get elected, worst campaign since Ross Perot as Cains campaign=epic fail. Invert 999 to 666 as Cains's 999 plan will lower taxes for only the rich, and raise taxes on the general population.
I'm NOT voting for Herman Cain, looks like his campaign staff filmed the video during a smoke break, this video is really subliminal, you can't smoke indoors in some states in the USA. On the issue of smoking bans, yes, I'm also a smoker, it's the dumbest thing I've ever done. When New York banned indoor public smoking (summer of 2003) bar and club owners were livid as the infringement of government on a persons (over 18) right to smoke. I do think banning public smoking should be up to the store owner and should be up to the individual. Banning smoking is a very political move via insurance (home and medical) companies as those premiums are cheaper for non smokers. Of course being mandated to smoke outside of a bar or club will send patrons out on the street and imagine the noise and over all annoyance DRUNK smokers make, and how difficult it is to walk on even the other side of the street with out being bothered by them. Good thing that smoking ban in New York started in the SUMMER of 2003 as it would be mutiny in NY had it started the ban in the winter.
Otherwise, promotion for tobacco has been BANNED from TV and magazines here in the USA for perhaps 20 years.
I'll vote against Cain as this bigoted, homophobic moron has no concept of economics and is motivated by religion not equality.

Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l- NO ONE GETS A VOTE.