Friday, October 21, 2011


Today I lost my MEDICAID card with a Dr's. appointment tomorrow, not being able to buy my meds without my insurance card, and food stamps are on there. I will go to the DELI (TERRI's DELI I have a receipt to prove the purchase) where I last bought food.

Otherwise, tomorrow I'm going to speak to the Sheriff's Department at a special location, because of on going issues with access to my benefits. Including the "mistake" that was made 9/1/2011, (turned off my food stamps, until I went out there and bitched as I re certified in May). As we're paying rent off the books, and this landlord is not reporting his income to the IRS or benefits he and his wife have, they don't work.
And can't eat without being robbed, or fucked over or threatened. It's no ones benefit card but mine, it's a crime, perhaps a felony to steal it. Also, my landlord likes to stop by without advance confirmation, while I'm asleep, not dressed, not ready to entertain anyone, and he fucks with the smoke detector, and it just accured to me, he didn't even put a new battery in it(preventive maintenance) as he should once every 3 to 6 months. WTF, the building inspector would have a field day with this dude.
Also, I would like to put a warrant out for Rebecca Rotzler for trolling me on FACEBOOK, making homophobic comments, as it never ends, we're not friends on or off line, her account should be terminated and she should be arrested for a hate crime, no one asked her opinion, everyone got along until she started acting crazy.
Every one in this building will be investigated, shit you idiots said, will get you in trouble as their will be justice.
I will not pay rent here until I get my NEW Medicaid card, the landlord goes to jail, it's not his benefits or a resource that comes with the rent. I don't like the whole September conspiracy theory and depending on loss of benefits, he's not getting rent, he's going to jail.
Don't expect ITP to write much of anything tomorrow, I'll keep ya updated as justice must be served.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-