Saturday, June 15, 2013


Whom wants to start a fight with me, bring it.  RELAPSE RECORDS have been reported along with DYING FETUS on FACEBOOK, let them get a taste of their own medicine regarding censorship.
 How does that taste? My foot in your mouth, with your ego really bruised, all butt hurt over a review.
However, when the shoe is on the other foot, it's different story.
Why, because I felt like it, slinging some mud around, here's mud in your eye, those gory release covers censored by yours truly, and I'm not even religious.
 I hope PAT EGAN (RELAPSE RECORDS) got "health insurance" from his "employer"? Who in the fuck dies of "Pneumonia" so young as the music industry doesn't afford health benefits for bands and employees.
NO, If I were a band on said label (NEVER sign with that label) would not give up royalties to cover EGAN's kid's higher education, ask his employer to cover medical and life insurance, no go, too bad, coward, you're dead now.

The irony of this, something to laugh at.
CENSORSHIP, be careful what you wish for, I can accommodate that, specifically with band name like "Dying Fetus", who isn't going to censor that band, and whom would promote them, shit I don't even rip CD's nor videos, your system is broken with the labels worst roster in it's history. DYING FETUS can ill afford to bite the hand that feeds, they don't get radio nor MTV airplay, the internet and viral promotion is the only way for underground music.

Whom in hell would try to suppress ITP V.013. This "fight" is going to end in a lawsuit regarding a few locals (whom are NOT a part of the industry nor scene) whom are posers, lying, and denial of substantial problems of their  own.  This is MY journal and I own my own CREATIVE COMMONS and yes, I'm, copy writing MY REVIEWS. The journal is mine, and I'm under "fair use" promoting music.

AARON SWARTZ was right, the internet is broken by corporate censors, fix it, and keep the internet free and open, and most agree, SOPA, voted DOWN via the American public.

Anyone wearing "Iron crosses", you do have the freedom to wear what you want, when you want in the USA, not in GERMANY. However, if you're perceived  as being a nazi (instead of wearing "resistance" memorabilia) don't start crying, morons at SNAPPERS.
:boo hoo:

If ya haven't noticed, since, DECEMBER of 2012, ITP V.013 has "edited" the ENTIRE journal to only feature official videos sanctioned by the band and labels as they send those promotional videos through social networks, as ITP V.013 is under fair use regarding promoting music.

I do not submit to censorship of any sort or type (I'm not editing this blog to accommodate your ego, homophobia or denial, forget it, you would be in jail by then) as nor any social political censorship, as you would have a fight on your hands, my ancestors  killed for these civil liberties and I respect their sacrifice.

No, ITP V.013 is NOT a private blog, it always has been, and always will be PUBLIC, so blow me.

Those whom want to "fight" ITP V.013 do not own a record label, music nor copy write and are not artists nor metal heads (no one cares) at at all, they are impersonators,  drug addicts, alcoholics whom are denial of what they are hiding and we will NOT be held hostage for their bullying.

The "If you happen to know what I'm doing", I'm going to make a threat towards you an your (intellectual) property" does NOT go far in this democracy as I will sue, criminalize you and make you suck dick and like it, being you're homophobes anyway.

It is UN-DEMOCRATIC and UN-AMERICAN to censor someone for enjoying music, and you would lose trying to get in that power struggle with me.
However, here, this "fight" is NOT about copyright, music nor entertainment, as this idiots only own nothing and are hiding un-unethical and illegal activities. Creating an innocent victim in their crisis just opens up a can of worms on what their hiding, fucking re-tards around here.

You don't like that journal entry you crackheads, go to jail, you're not censoring me.
So you wanna fight, ya nazi crackheads, be prepared to "die trying", perhaps of your own addictions.

Go play in your own sandbox, and don't suck corporate cock, chances are, with your activities, it's not in your best interest.
25 main str. (I don't live there and I don't know those people)  those parties pedestrians are witnessing has to end.
VERNON COLEMAN's random babbling, lying, homophobic comments of misguided HATE, and fire starting has to end.
 I don't want to hear someone bashing metal heads as I walk down the street, blow me.
This is the worst environment, this sucks.
Watch what you say to and about ME.
Thanks-Stay Metal, Stay Brutal-BBL-\m/ -l-