Tuesday, June 11, 2013


BTW, ITP V.013 does not support rioting, nor wtf happened at THE BASEMENT (Kingston, NY) in 2011  nor TAINTED ENTERTAINMENT.
ITP V.013 boycotts RELAPSE records under fair use, and we do not support censorship from some crack heads, drug addicts in denial of their own problems nor corporate entities, whom couldn't possibly be objective about there own artists.
Me loves IMMOLATION as they record locally.

MYSPACE is down, and we don't know why, so here's to hoping MYSPACE will be back soon, aww screw it, MYSPACE is long DEAD.
However, not a F**ck was given about MYSPACE, at best, since 2010, MYSPACE is a TWITTER FEED, as ITP V.013 refuses to check out the "New MYSPACE" as opposed to classic, no one cares. Many people are having a hard time converting their MYSPACE profiles from the "classic" to the "new" MYSPACE as it isn't worth it if your friends haven't converted to the "new" MYSPACE design, you kind of lose your friends as as no one is on MYSPACE. There goes MYSPACE again, with their confusing and awful graphic design, alienating the half of a percent whom left their profiles on their server.

Yesterday, social media networking site MYSPACE has mandated an "all or nothing" scenario, as the legendary social network has switched to it's "new" graphic design. All users (and not many left after an alienating graphic design revamp in 2010 and the rise of social network FACEBOOK) have lost any access to the "classic" design after beta testing the "new MYSPACE" since fall of 2012. 
"Classic" MYSPACE has since been erased from MYSPACE's server. 


Most likely ITP V.013 PASS on the "new" MYSPACE.

We'll keep ya updated, join ITP V.013 on other syndicates.


Myspace is gettin' down.

Sorry, we're just experiencing some technical difficulties right now. Nothing major. Our developers are working on it and Myspace will be back up very soon.

Thanks-Stay Metal,. Stay Brutal-\m/ -l-