Sunday, June 23, 2013

ITP V.013 WORLD APOCALYPSE: Boston Police Breaking Up Mosh Pits, Wants Them To Be Illegal

moshing photo: moshing. moshing.jpgBoston Massachusetts, known for it's vibrant hardcore and metal core scenes are struggling within the issue of moshing as Boston police authorities are cracking down on mosh pit activities, in part due to the violent 90's Boston HxC pit crews and corruption within those scenes.

Metal and hardcore bands have taken "the pit" to Worcester, Massachusetts music venue "The Palladium" as very few metal bands (the softer ones only) play in the city of Boston anymore. Music venues are fined and "violated" in the context of proposed city ordinances for concert goers moshing, including Boston's "The House Of Blues".

                                                                                                                                                               However, should every one be blamed for the misguided actions of a few fighting in the pit?
Boston Massachusetts music venues are working with city officials on the issue of a moshing ban.

Boston, Massachusetts news paper "Inquisitr" covers the the "moshing ban" in Boston and if city ordinances banning moshig should be passed..

The city of Boston needs to stay out of it … I understand cracking down on fighting, but (moshing) is a form of expression. It’s ridiculous they’re cracking down on this now. There are plenty of other problems.”
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The safety of our patrons is the top priority.”
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