Tuesday, June 18, 2013

KELEIGH BLACK: UNLEASHES A KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN FOR "'Subterrestrial Black Metal - a journey into the darkness" PHOTO PROJECT

Metal photographer KELEIGH BLACK has unleashed a  KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN FOR "'Subterrestrial Black Metal - a journey into the darkness", a  PHOTO PROJECT of Norwegian black metal artists.

KELEIGH BLACK has photographed metal bands as diverse as SKELTONWITCH, 1349 and endorsements from MORBID ANGEL and PAUL BOOTH.


You've seen her work with Skeletonwitch & 1349 (Official)... now photographer Keleigh Black is making her way to Norway to give us a glimpse at the true underground Black metal culture!

Check out more info about her journey here: www.Keleighblack.com & help support #metalhttp://kck.st/13ZLhoW

A rare journalistic, photographic journey into the true underground world of Norwegian Black Metal music.
'Subterrestrial Black Metal - a journey into the darkness' is a pilgrimage through the abysmal world of the Norwegian Black Metal culture. We have seen videos, read books and seen photographs regarding this niche genre, yet we have not seen directly into the lives of these Artists and lifestyle fans. As a professional photographer I have had the delight to see deeper into this world and I am so in love with my experiences, that I would like to extent my vision to those who would like to see just what I have. 
 When you have Cd's, DVDs or vinyl you are able to browse the text and glare at the images, we all have done it.  I believe the power of words combined with photographic imagery tells the ultimate story and delivers a message that cannot be told any other way.
I am packing a few bags and grabbing my cameras and for the first time without make up artists, stylist or assistants. I am on a solo mission to bring unrelenting and awe- inspiring images to the masses.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Creating art has always been a challenge for both professional artists as well as hobbyists. Personally I have always started with a specific goal and have followed each step necessary to see the project to its fruition, this is how I have gained a strong reputation amongst peers, fans and professionals alike.
There are always unique challenges I face as a professional photographer who works mostly with extreme Metal musicians. Will the bands/artists show up on time? Will they show at all!? What if crazed Metal fans fall off stage onto my head and injures me badly? (because it has happened many times!) What if I do not like the images Ive captured? What if... what if.... what if?
With a laser beam like focus and a solid plan, I can triumph over any setbacks thrown my direction.
As I have done so with my many clients albeit record labels, distribution companies or Artists themselves, there is always crystal clear communication throughout my creation progress. I have never considered working with a client or cohort a 'job' or 'gig' and without them I would not have a leg to stand on in the industry. Communication, along with clarity, honesty and professionalism is the reason that I have become successful enough to even honor the idea of creating this book.
For each individual involved in this project, I will give them professionalism and with that the communication, attention and succinctness they deserve.

VIDEO BELOW: KELEIGH BLACK:  KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN FOR "'Subterrestrial Black Metal - a journey into the darkness" PHOTO PROJECT: 
"'Subterrestrial Black Metal - a journey into the darkness" PHOTO PROJECT: 

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